Early Summer 2018

Taste Testing 24″ x 36″ o/c


Helping Each Other Out (Riding the Bus)  24″ x 26″ o/c


Six Graces of the Laundromat 24″ x 26″ o/c


Cutting Out Pepparkaka Cookies 24″ x 36″ o/c


Late Winter 2018

Braiding Bread 5×8 gouache on paper

Making Jelly 5×8 gouache on paper

Bus Stop at MN Power 5×8 gouache on paper

Finishing Third Quarter Grades 5×8 gouache on paper

Governor Dayton Reading to PreK Students 5×8 gouache on paper

Early Planting of Tomatoes with Marigolds 5×8 gouache on paper

AICHO Gift Shop – Giclees 202 W 2nd St, Duluth, MN

Doing Hair

Sliding at Night


Dinner in Montreal

Sliding with Nikolas

Walking the Twins After Work

No War in Iraq

Reading Near the St. Louis River

Additional giclee prints can be purchased of most pastel drawings and gouache paintings. Please contact me at carolynueolson@gmail.com if interested.