Eastside Freedom Library, Panel Discussion with Essential Workers, November 2022

Here is the link to the panel discussion discussion, https://youtu.be/kGbQoXCoyDs

I am forever changed by this group discussion by essential workers who worked through the early days (and continue to work) of the Covid-19 pandemic, not knowing what it would do to the body, to families and our community. Their first hand stories aren’t easy to hear but necessary to keep us on top of the many problems facing workers everywhere. It’s not over and won’t be for awhile.

We must continue to raise our voices to advocate for everyone’s health as well as worker’s rights. A strong union is our best voice for the worker (wages, working conditions, health care). Covid-19 (and all its variations) is real and precautions must be taken to protect ourselves.

Get vaccinated, wear masks and distance ourselves. Protect each other. Be kind.