Nordic Center September 2021

As a personal challenge, after retiring from teaching art for over 30 years, I wanted to see if I could illustrate a book – could I draw people and places consistently throughout the story! I had never eaten a Swedish Princess Cake until the summer of 2019 and it seemed a fun opportunity to try. There are a lot of steps involved. It seemed as good a challenge as any to try and depict making the Swedish Princess Cake and publish an illustrated recipe book!
Great fun to do – making the cake and eating it too! I hope everyone enjoys the work. Stay well!!

There is an opening and limited in person galley hours available. In addition, the exhibition and a video (artist discussion) will be available on line! With concerns due to Covid/Delta growing the online option is a wonderful way to see the work!

Paintings – How to Make a Swedish Princess Cake

Illustrated Recipe Book – “Prinsesstarta – A Swedish Princess Cake

Nordic Center online Artist video and exhibition