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Doing Hair

Sliding at Night


Dinner in Montreal

Sliding with Nikolas

Walking the Twins After Work

No War in Iraq

Reading Near the St. Louis River

Additional giclee prints can be purchased of most pastel drawings and gouache paintings. Please contact me at if interested.

Pollinate Community/Color Wheel Gallery, Mpls. June 11- July 29

Bees & other Pollinators are Increasingly in Danger – It is our responsibility to change our ways to save them & ourselves. How can we step up together, when so many people in our community are Increasingly in Danger as well? Pollination is a Powerful Force in an Eco-System that relies on Inter-Dependent, Diverse & Complex Relationships for All of Our Survival – Everyone is Welcome to join us as we Celebrate, Educate & Inspire a more Sustainable World! Enjoy Sweet Treats, Community Love, Art & Education Stations, Live Music & an Amazing Exhibit featuring… Tammy Ortegon Eileen Espinosa Junior Williams Lori Greene Neza S.G. Gustavo Lira Elle Meza Gordon Coons Maya Rose Melodee Strong Westy Copeland Carolyn Olson Jennifer Kunin Julie Rathmann Phyllis Chatham Deborah Ramos Les Phillips Gloria Larsen Jane Evershed Steph Romine Lula Saleh