Current work 2020-2024

Retired from teaching I am working in the studio nearly every day. The garden takes my attention for the summer and will give us food for the long winter. Tim continues to tour, make instruments and perform. Twins are living their lives in the Cities. Everyone is connected and loving.

GOUACHE Painting

Gouache Series StudiesTim Kaiser, What Do You Do All Day?, Baking, How to Make Swedish Princess Cake

Gouache Prinsesstårta РA Swedish Princess Cake РPaintings

Gouache Prinsesstårta РA Swedish Princess Cake РAn Illustrated Recipe and Exhibition Catalog

OIL Painting

PASTEL Drawing

Pastel Drawing/Mixed Media Food, Murals

Pastel Essential Workers – Covid-19 Virus

Pastel Pearl

Pastel Pearl – PictureBook/Exhibition Catalog

Pastel Snowshoe Kate



SCULPTURE Ice Candle Project