Ice Candle Project 2020-21

This project  is part of Artists Respond: Combating Social Isolation, a project of Springboard for the Arts.

There are numerous reasons a person finds themselves alone in this Covid-19 winter including weather, health, age, poverty, etc. Beginning in December 2020 community members connected with people in their lives they thought may gfeel particulariy alon and isolated this winter. Even though they were not able to be together physically they could provide a connection. Ice candles were used throughout the 20th century as a reminder of those who have died as well as hope for the future. Modern times use them to light the dark days on winter and bring hope and joy.

The project intentions were to keep the candle lit all winter which meant checking on it occasionally to be sure it’s “lit”, digging the ice candle out after snow storms and repositioning it so your neighbor can see it again. Some recipients were happy to manage their candles on their own.

Community members were identified and candles (LED pillar candle – solar recharging, intended for outdoor use, waterproof) dispersed. Makers used their own buckets. Covid safe protocols were in place (mask wearing, social distancing) throughout the project.