Category: Painting

Breakfast All Day o/c 24″ x 36″


Learning to Read o/c 24″ x 36″

Register to Vote o/c 36″ x 48″

Late Summer work

Pepparkaka Cookies 24 x 36 o/c

Summer Commissions 2018

Sewing a Halloween Costume – Reworked 24×36 o/c

Taste Testing 24″ x 36″ o/c


Helping Each Other Out (Riding the Bus)  24″ x 26″ o/c


Six Graces of the Laundromat 24″ x 26″ o/c


Cutting Out Pepparkaka Cookies 24″ x 36″ o/c


Early Summer 2018

Braiding Bread 5×8 gouache on paper

Making Jelly 5×8 gouache on paper

Bus Stop at MN Power 5×8 gouache on paper

Finishing Third Quarter Grades 5×8 gouache on paper

Governor Dayton Reading to PreK Students 5×8 gouache on paper

Early Planting of Tomatoes with Marigolds 5×8 gouache on paper

Late Winter 2018

Rink Closing 16×20 gouache on paper

Rink Closing

Sewing Alden’s Halloween Costume 36″ x 48″ oil on board